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Business Aircraft
Acquisition and Financing

“It may be more expensive to fly privately, but it’s worth it. What’s the cost of missed opportunity? What’s the value of your time? Ask not what an airplane costs but instead, what does it cost not to have one?”

David Wyndham, Vice President, Conklin & de Decker

Who’s Flying, Who’s Buying and Why

Innovative programs are offering blended solutions to provide
a customized approach and maximize capability and benefits.

A Plane of Your Own

Select the plane that fulfills your needs 80% of the time and use charter, jet cards,
fractional share or a combination for your remaining requirements.

Honda Advances Light Jet Design

“Speed and access are what business aviation is all about. Access creates the ability
to close deals faster, service customers better and accelerate transactions.”

Michael Dyment, Managing Director and CEO, NEXA Capital Partners

Jet Cards

Fractional Ownership

Airline Partnerships

The Financial Options

Fractional ownership programs offer myriad ways for opting out,
upgrading or downgrading and making countless other adjustments.

A New World of Opportunity

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