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Business Aircraft
Acquisition and Financing

A How-To Guide

“Now more than ever, a business aircraft is an essential tool for capturing new
opportunities, for compacting two- to three-week trips into two to three days. ”

Jeff Habib, Senior Vice President of U.S. and Canadian Sales, Dassault Falcon Jet

Sustaining Economic Recovery

“Business aircraft help ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things because of
how they transform time. We found that companies using business aircraft outperformed
nonusers across every key financial and nonfinancial measure of business success.”

Michael Dyment, CEO, NEXA Advisors LLC

Choosing the Best Tool for the Job

“Smart business managers recognize that now is the time to work harder, to be in more places,
and to spend time with your customers in meaningful and significant ways. Business aviation
is the smart solution for those who value their time and need to grow their business.”

Shawn Vick, Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Flight Operations Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

Outsourced Management
Leave the Complexities to the Experts

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