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Business Aircraft
Acquisition and Financing

A How-To Guide

“The plane is a mandatory business tool for us. It’s an investment like a manufacturing plant
or a store. It helps us build key relationships and generate additional revenues.”

Tom Duff, Managing Partner, Southern Tire Mart, LLC

The Best Tool for the Job

“This is a huge asset for people who don’t have enough time in their lives.
All of a sudden you can see your grandchildren grow up. You can meet with
your clients more often. Or you can get a second home and actually use it.”

Alan Klapmeier, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cirrus Design

“The ability to get [to any destination] according to your schedule and take that meeting
and clinch that deal, what’s that worth to your company? [Flying on a business jet],
there’s no stress. You’re productive and working the whole time you’re on the aircraft. ”

Robert Dranitzke, Director of Marketing, NetJets Europe