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The Enlightened Business Traveler
Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a Recovering Economy

“Now is the time to work harder than ever, to be in more places than ever, to spend
time with your customers, and to look for new markets, because as we
recover all those things will be required to grow your business.”

Shawn Vick, Executive Vice President, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

Immeasurable Value, Measurable Returns

“Time value increases when companies must react with speed and agility to rapidly
changing market conditions. It’s not the time to be waiting for the next airline flight.”

Steven M. Hankin, CEO, Sentient Jet

The Company Plane: The Ultimate Productivity Tool

FLIGHT LOG >> Bridges Equipment Ltd.

Cross-State Shuttles and High-Speed Global Cruisers

“These [business] jets are not an option. They give us mobility. You have to be
where the action is. You have to respond to new opportunities.”

An East Coast building materials supplier

FLIGHT LOG >> A Consumer Products Retailer

Innovative, Capable, High-Flying Light- and
Midsize-Jet Design

FLIGHT LOG >> Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Workhorse Turboprops, High-Tech Speedsters and Popular Midsize Jets

FLIGHT LOG >> Klein Tools

High Style and Outstanding Functionality

FLIGHT LOG >> Stony Point Group

“Especially with the times the way they are, you’ve got to reach out a little bit further; you’ve got to
do a little more—explore new business opportunities or respond to customers’ needs.”

Jimmy Bridges, Vice President, Bridges Equipment Ltd.


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