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The Enlightened Business Traveler
Gaining the Upper Hand in a Down Economy

“Companies are getting back to business. They are flying more and they are
pursuing business opportunities in anticipation of the economy improving.
We are seeing that consistently across the country.”

Robert Knebel, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Flexjet

FLIGHT LOG >> The Duchossois Group, Inc.

An Invaluable Tool Produces Big Results

Your Own Plane: The Ultimate Productivity Tool

FLIGHT LOG >> Promega Corporation

The Ultimate Time-Saver

“Our aircraft is a business tool, as vital as any tool in the plant. We would really be lost
without it. You can go anyplace in this country and return in one day. It’s time gained.”

Richard Duchossois, Founder and Chairman, The Duchossois Group, Inc.

FLIGHT LOG >> Luck Stone Corporation

Creating Opportunity in a Difficult Economy

Mobility in a Global Marketplace
Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards

FLIGHT LOG >> Goff Capital Partners, L.P.

Capitalizing on Face-to-Face Relationships


FLIGHT LOG >> D.W. Morgan Company

Keeping Ahead of the Competition


FLIGHT LOG >> Newport Oncology and
Healthcare, Inc. (NOAH)

Unparalleled Access to Remote Opportunities


“Part of what you’re seeing is people confirming,
‘Yes, a business aircraft is an absolutely critical tool.’”

David Sokol, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NetJets

FLIGHT LOG >> A Retired Business Traveler

Regaining Personal Time

Clear Skies Ahead

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