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FLIGHT LOG >> Thrane & Thrane.

“You have the freedom to operate on your own schedule. That’s a necessary part of our business.”

Lars Thrane, Co-Founder, Thrane & Thrane

Office Space Available at 50,000 Feet

FLIGHT LOG >> Cat Aviation

“This isn’t about luxury. It’s an indispensable tool my clients need to be
productive, efficient—and even to have a bit more time for their family.”

Helene Niedhart, Founder, Cat Aviation

FLIGHT LOG >> Fagen, Inc.

“Most of our business is located in rural areas far from major hub airports.
If we were dependent on flying the airlines, we sure wouldn't get very much done.”

Ron Fagen, President and CEO, Fagen, Inc.

Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards

FLIGHT LOG >> Lake Creek Capital LLC

“To have the plane ready within a few hours, fly to Seattle, meet with
investors, turn around and come back is absolute magic.”

Jim Milgard, Founder, Lake Creek Capital


FLIGHT LOG >> Retired Real Estate Developer

“Sure, it's expensive, but it's an extraordinary opportunity to spend precious time
with loved ones. There is no excuse for not doing what you want to anymore.”

Jack Griffin, Retired Real Estate Developer


FLIGHT LOG >> Robb and Robb

“In the quiet cabin, you can really relax and concentrate.
I feel energized and refreshed. It makes a huge difference professionally.”

Anita Robb, Co-Founder, Robb and Robb


FLIGHT LOG >> Lydia Security Monitoring, Inc.

“Don't underestimate wear and tear. When people get worn out and tired,
they just can't give you the best they've got.”

Ira Riklis, CEO, Lydia Security Monitoring

From the Highway to the Airways

The Ultimate Stimulus Package

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