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The Enlightened Business Traveler
Gaining the Upper Hand in a Business Downturn

“For me, there’s nothing that’s worth more than my time. [Having access to the planes]
is absolutely the best, most life-enhancing thing I’ve done since I’ve become successful.”

Bobbi Brown, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Flight Log
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Catching Up on Business at 50,000 Feet

“We need an airplane to go out and touch our customers and bring our customers
back to see our facilities. I can take my two creative directors, our media director and
account executives and make the best use of a new business presentation.”

Jim Mudd, Jr., Mudd Advertising

Taking Care of Business
Flight Log
Mudd Advertising / Peregrine Financial Group

Fractional Ownership
Flight Log
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Flight Options
Flight Log
Compak Asset Management

Budget With Ease
Flight Log
Retired Executive


“What’s your time worth and what’s the value of losing four or five hours every trip?
[A private jet is] a business tool that you have to use in today’s environment to gain a
competitive advantage. We started to realize how much more efficient it is. It’s a big plus.”

Moe Ansari, Compak Asset Management

Flight Log
Next Step Investments LLC