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African-American Business Legacy
For Nearly 100 Years, the NAACP Has Inspired Leadership and Achievement.

Marsha Johnson
Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer
Southern Company

Southern Company
The Power of Inclusion

Recruitment and Pipeline Development

“As we educate consumers on the value of their dollar,
they will make more prudent spending decisions.”

- Julian Bond, National Board Chair, NAACP

“Without sincere outreach efforts and adoption of best practices
that cut across racial lines in the new global environment,
corporations will never be as profitable as they may hope.”

- Dennis C. Hayes, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, NAACP

“We have to make sure those who come through the corporate doors are properly
trained and ready to take on assignments that lead to advancement.”

- Roslyn Brock, National Board Vice Chair, NAACP

Bob Reed
Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion