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Women Corporate Directors Explores Companies’ Response to Shifting Consumer Behavior


“Several trends are emerging as game changers for companies,” says Ms. Winter. These include:

“At the board level, it’s important for us to get out to the regions around the world and have board meetings in India or China or another target market,” says Ms. Raina. “If your business travels, then your board better travel. And it’s not about staying in the hotel and conference rooms – get out, read the local newspapers, watch the local television. Boards need this local intelligence.”

Women Corporate Directors (WCD)is the only global membership organization and community of women corporate directors, comprised of more than 1,000 members serving on over 1,200 boards in 33 chapters around the world. In this new era of responsibility, WCD is committed not just to good governance, but to governance with global vision. WCD launched is first-ever Global Institute in May 2011 in New York City, where it issued a Call to Action for improving the numbers of women on boards.