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Language Line Services Report Reveals Spike in Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese and Russian Interpreter Requests Nationwide

• Burmese was among the top-five languages requested in seven of the 20 cities. The highest increases in Burmese interpreter requests were all in Texas -- in El Paso (800%), San Antonio (70%) and Austin (33%).

• Los Angeles saw interpreter requests grow for only two languages -- Japanese (15%) and Armenian (13%).

• Somali was the second-most requested language (trailing Spanish) in Columbus and Memphis.

• San Antonio had triple-digit growth in requests for interpreters in Italian (654%) and Cantonese (300%).

• Interpreter requests for Karen -- spoken by 1.3 million people in Myanmar, formerly Burma -- jumped 90% in Indianapolis and 63% in Dallas.

• El Paso had triple-digit interpreter request growth for seven languages, including Burmese (800%), French (550%) and Swahili (220%).