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New Report Finds That 63% of Associate’s Degrees in STEM Earn More Than Bachelor’s Degrees in Non-STEM Occupations

Study also finds that STEM jobs are among the nation’s most highly-paid and fastest-growing.

• For women and minorities, STEM is a good news/bad news story. Women and minorities are underrepresented in STEM.

• But for those who do persist, the pay gap in STEM between women and minorities and White men is smaller in STEM than in any other occupation.

• Over 70% of STEM workers at the high school or some college level make more than the average for workers in all other occupations at the same education level. More than two-thirds of Associate’s degree-holders in STEM make more than the average for all Associate’s degree-holders.

• Workers majoring in STEM in college earn more than all other majors over their lifetimes, even if they work in non-STEM occupations.