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Creatively coming out ahead.

Sand sculpture dedicated to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Photo: Lauren Denny

Celebrating the victory of Rio de Janiero’s bid for the 2016 Olympics, from left to right: Eduardo Paes, Mayor, City of Rio de Janeiro; Sérgio Cabral, Governor, Rio de Janeiro State; Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President, Olympic Bid Committee; Lula da Silva, President, Brazil and Orlando Silva, Minister of Sport.

Photo: Carlos Magno Rodrigues de Figueiredo

Christ the Redeemer looks over Rio de Janeiro.

Photo: Ace Stock Limited / Alamy

Rio: Soaring to New Heights

“The Rio Olympics will leave an environmental legacy. We have engineers
studying sanitation and the rehabilitation of lakes and forests. We want the
first-ever Olympics in South America to be a green Olympics.”

Sérgio Cabral, Governor, State of Rio de Janeiro

Models take to the catwalk during the 2010 Fashion Week in São Paulo

Bruno Domingos/Reuters/Corbis; Sebastião Moreira/EPA/Corbis

A Flair for Originality

Featuring quality and design, Tok&Stok stores cater to Brazilians’ increasingly sophisticated taste level.

Fast Fashion in Furniture

Daniel de Jesus,
Founder and President,
Niely Cosmetics

A Franchise Ready for Expansion

The Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge spans the Pinheiros River in São Paulo.

Danny Lehman/Corbis

Building a Brighter Future

Poised for New Growth

The country is already in the third year of the federal government’s
$250 billion four-year growth-acceleration plan, and the administration plans
to launch another similar plan before national elections in October.

A Focus on Customer Service

Shopping Leblon, Rio’s newest mall, offers an elegant shopping experience.

Middle-Class Growth Fosters New Opportunities

Energy in a Bottle

Noblesse HF Inox: Pure water 24 hours a day

Clear Results

“We chose the name Europa because the continent has an image of
solidity and tradition, two key factors that we wanted our group to possess.”

Múcio de Souza, Founder and President, Grupo Europa

Sebastião Bomfim Filho, Founder and Chief Executive, Grupo SBF

Going for Gold

Uniquely Carioca

“Internationally, the market is starting a new phase of great events, incentives and investments,
which will make the years between 2010 and 2020 a golden decade.”

Sebastião Bomfim Filho, Founder and Chief Executive, Grupo SBF

Connecting a Continent

Setting the Standard for Healthcare

Ready for the World Stage

Aldemir Bendine, President and Chief Executive, Banco do Brasil

Photo: Chad Baker/Getty Images

The Future Is Now

The Country of the Future

Pillars of Success

Locaweb’s Data Center

Innovative Strength

Innovative Telecom Sector Offers Growth Potential

Powerhouse Focuses on Corporate Responsibility

At the time of press, the currency conversion rate was R$1 (Brazilian reals) = US$0.566 (U.S. dollars). All monetary figures stated are U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated.

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