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Writing the next chapter

Already set to host the FIFA World Cup soccer contest in 2014, this booming South American giant is a favorite to stage a future Olympic Games.

Staying Green

The preservation of the natural environment is key to economic development.

The Name Game

From fashion to furniture, the magic formula for successful merchandising at two enduring Brazilian companies is branding.

Luiz Carlos Batista, President, Insinuante

Purpose Built

Small Region, Big Potential

A best-kept secret, this unspoiled Brazilian state is investing in its image and economy.

"We have beautiful beaches, but we must offer quality infrastructure."

Governor José Maranhão.

One-on-One Approach

Emphasis on personalized assistance makes life easier for investors.

"We deal with each entrepreneur as a partner, a friend and a person that we respect."

Governor Teotônio Brandão Vilela Filho

Ingolf Pompe 25 / Alamy

No Clouds on the Horizon

Ceará offers tourists compensation if it rains and gives a warm welcome to investors.

StockBrazil / Alamy

"In the last three years we have almost doubled our exports annually, and we envisage this
happening for many years."

Cid Gomes, Governor of Ceará

At the time of press, the currency conversion rate was Brazilian reals to U.S. dollars (R$1 to US$0.499). All monetary figures stated are U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated.

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