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Sustained Economic Growth and Expanding Investment Opportunities


Panoramic view of Cairo City

Mobinil: Egypt’s “Egyptian” Telecom Operator

Mr Hassan Kabbani,
CEO, Mobinil

Dorra Group: Pioneering Diversified, Value-Added Real Estate Development in Egypt and the Middle East

Mr Omar Dorra, Managing Director, Dorra Group










Mr Karim Helal, Group CEO,
CI Capital

CI Capital: A Relationship-Centric Investment Bank and Gateway for International Capital

Mr Mohamed Kafafi,
Vice Chairman and CEO, Banque du Caire

Banque du Caire: Financing Egypt’s Enormous Potential

Mr Mohamed S. Younes, Chairman and Founder, Concord International Investments

Concord International Investments: Strong-Performing Egyptian Funds for Sophisticated Global Investors


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