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Lebanon: Peace Profits II

Lebanon is achieving amazing growth rates and fighting to regain its reputation as the Switzerland of the Middle East.

Riad Salameh
Central Bank
Banque du Liban

“I think Lebanon is going to experience important
economic growth that may create job
opportunities. Personally, I’m optimistic.”

Riad Salameh, Governor, Central Bank, Banque du Liban

Reaping the Benefits of Peace

Lebanon’s financial services, insurance, law and IT sectors are expanding fast at home and abroad.

Verdun Gardens, a complex of two residential towers in the heart of Beirut

New Horizons

Lebanon’s real estate business is booming, and industry players are seeking partners and investors across the globe.

“Our vision is to create very high-quality living, while respecting cultural values and
enhancing the environment.”

Joseph Helou, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Development

Chahe Yerevanian
Chairman and President

“There are 15 million Lebanese expats living all over the world who will continue the demand for housing and other goods as they repatriate themselves.”

Chahe Yerevanian, Chairman and President, SAYFCO

“We are investing huge efforts in building a leadership spirit in our affiliates and personnel.”

Dr. Mohammad Saleh, Chairman, Noor International Holding

A Harvard Business School Model of Educational Entrepreneurship

Leaders in Learning

Lebanon’s innovative study centers are teaching the world a thing or two about education.

Raja Haddad,
Starmanship & Associates

“Starmanship is changing the way business is done in the Middle East.”

Raja Haddad, Starmanship & Associates


It Makes You Feel So Young

In Lebanon, East meets West and inspires luxury brands, a sophisticated lifestyle and vibrant nightlife.

Sky Bar


Interior detail of
boutique hotel Le Gray

Photo Credits: Meedo Tha

Dr. Nader Saab

“Lebanon has become the capital of beauty in the Middle East.”

Dr. Nader Saab

World-class methods meet personalized comfort

A strategic legal foundation for business growth and expansion

Making a Name for Themselves

Thriving family businesses are using franchising to spread their growing brands around the world.

“Our goal is to cover the opportunities where we are, here in Lebanon,
before making an idea a project or a reality.”

Nadim Tewtel, Chairman, Unicart Mana Automotive

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