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Investment Goals

Latin America's second-biggest economy is opening up an array of investment opportunities to boost its standing as a global hub, tourist hot spot and high-tech innovator.

Finding a balance

A premium-class resort will strengthen Tamaulipas' central region.

"Our proximity to the U.S. and our effective trading structure are major assets for companies
interested in producing in Mexico and trading abroad."

Eugenio Javier Hernández Flores

High-end destination

Campeche embodies the best that Mexico can offer tourists, including the heritage of its ancient civilizations.

Challenge to Long Beach

Lázaro Cárdenas' transport links make it the most important port in Latin America.

"With our road, rail, sea and air links, we have all the modalities to become one
of the most important economic centers."

Leonel Godoy Rangel

The art of saving time and money

Parque Logístico's transport terminal, customs office, distribution center and free-trade zone is the complete gateway to trade with the U.S. and Asia.

Filling a niche

You can work, rest or play on Mexico's border-crossing buses.

Degrees of excellence

Culture, research and enterprise go hand in hand at Mexico's universities.

Seeking Medical Transformations

Mexico's low-cost private medical services, including cosmetic surgery and hair transplants, are attractive tourism incentives.

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