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Portugal: Europe's West Coast

In the market for business

Portuguese companies establish global brands and set the pace for sustainability.

On the wings of legal eagles

How Portuguese law firms smooth the passage of free trade between the U.S. and West Africa.

"This also presents a great market for us based upon our common language and history."

Miguel Teixeira De Abreu, Abreu Advogados

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Pipeline to mineral-rich West Africa

Multi-sector group Azinor is a conduit for investors and entrepreneurs searching for opportunities in Angola.

The power of Portugal

Europe's most fervent seeker of green energy is already harnessing the waves. Now it is pressing ahead with solar power, biofuels and electric cars.

Ray of inspiration

Cleverly designed solar panels keep working come rain or shine and even at night.

Setting the standards

Enjoy a warm welcome at the birthplace of the man who invented the street grid pattern adopted by American cities.