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The Great Transformers
Interview Series

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Audio Interviews

Christopher K. Hill

Vice President

Mobility Product Management

AT&T Business Solutions

Interviewed by

Peter Shaw

David Dollihite

Vice President

Product Development

Direct Energy

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The Great Transformers

A New Era for The U.S. Utility Industry

Power Generation

Christopher K. Hill
Vice President
Mobility Product Management
AT&T Business Solutions

AT&T: A Smart Choice for Utilities

Choice. Efficiency. Innovation.

Power Transmission

“We need a business model where we can invest in our customers and help defer energy use and make a return on that investment, the same way we make a return on our capital investment.”

Michael Chesser, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Great Plains Energy and KCP&L

Michael G. Morris
AEP Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

American Electric Power

Customer Empowerment

“Once we start the transformation of that high-voltage grid, it will be analogous to what happened
in the country after we built the interstate highway system. We will start to do commerce
in the electric space totally differently than the way we do it today.”

Joseph Welch, President and Chief Executive Officer, ITC Corporation

Chris Weston
President and CEO
Direct Energy

Switch to Smart with Direct Energy

Home Energy Manager™

“As North America’s largest competitive energy and services retailer, Direct Energy is helping
millions of home- and business-owners get smart about their energy use. By investing in,
and supporting, the development of products and technologies that help our customers manage
supply and demand, we’re helping them to make the switch: the Switch to Smart.”

Chris Weston, President and CEO, Direct Energy

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