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Environmental Advocacy
Sustaining the Earth for Future Generations

Across the world, individuals, foundations and
corporations are taking the lead in making a difference.

Monaco: A Small Country Takes a Big Step for the Global Environment

Retracing his great-great-grandfather’s steps brought the prince to the same Lilliehook Glacier in Spitzberg that his ancestor visited in 1906 — except that it wasn’t the same anymore.

The Monaco Foundation Raises Awareness

“Monaco may not be the biggest country in the world, but I am determined to show
it can be among the most innovative when it comes to dealing with the environment.”
— Prince Albert II

Targeted Initiatives Make a Significant Difference

Canon: A Picture of Environmental Stewardship

Approaching Transportation Afresh

Keeping a Product Line Green

Canon’s Global Perspective

Weyerhaeuser: Sustainable Forestry Practices Ensure a Bright Future

Weyerhaeuser Increases Efficiency Through Innovation

Strategic efforts to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions
and water consumption while conserving energy complement
Weyerhaeuser’s tree husbandry practices.

Working to Find Sustainable Alternative Fuels

A Movement Toward Positive Change

Photos: ©Patrick Pagnano / Shot with Canon’s EOS Rebel