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Green Economics
How Environmental Innovation Helps Businesses Succeed

Many businesses are hard at work reducing their environmental impacts, in many cases
by rethinking their approach to doing business. Along the way, some are even challenging
their suppliers and customers to be as environmentally benign as possible.

“We not only look at how we reduce impact on our own operations and up our supply chain,
but we work very closely with our customers in trying to deliver technologies
and innovations and working with them to reduce their environmental impact.”

- Patty Calkins, Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety, Xerox Corp.

“When you think about serving the needs of a growing economy, it is clear to us that
we’ve got to keep all of the nation’s potential sources of energy production in play.
We can’t let the extremes of the policy debate prevent the various options
that are available to us today from coming to bear in our future.”

- Tom Fanning, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Company