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Wind Power
Opportunities Energize Major Investment

According to the American Wind Energy Association, the U.S. wind power industry
expanded the nation’s total wind power generating capacity an unprecedented 45%
in 2007 alone — enough to power 1.5 million American households annually.

“The United States has more than 400 times the wind energy potential than it currently is capturing.”

Julius Steiner, CEO, Gamesa USA

Wind Power
Creating Jobs in the U.S.

Renewing the Manufacturing Sector

“Everywhere in the world, high-capacity transmission
is a key enabler for bringing wind resources to market.”

Robert Lukefahr, President, BP Global Wind Energy

Julius Steiner
Gamesa USA


More Innovation On the Way

Today’s wind assemblies (tower, nacelle and blades) are about 400 feet high, taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Wind Direction: Tax Credit Still Up in the Air

“Researchers and businesses are eager to solve wind’s challenges.
The momentum is incredibly strong right now.”

Dr. Theresa A. Maldonado, Deputy Director, TEES, and Associate Dean for Research,
Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University

Pickens Plan Promotes U.S. Energy Independence

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