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Benefits: The Hidden Tool of Strategic Growth

Benefits at SAS

A Generous Package

"It's easier for us to offer great benefits because we have top-down support. Even where ROI is hard to determine, we get support from the CEO, as long as the benefit makes sense for our employees and the business."

Kristen Vosburgh, Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits, SAS

Managing the Investment

Secrets of Success

"The [Corporate Service Corps] builds the leadership skills IBM needs. It also helps people broaden their understanding of the world. Finally, it builds a network between IBM employees in many different countries."

Ron Glover, Vice President, Diversity and Workforce Programs, IBM

Benefits at IBM

Flexibility Creates Efficiency

Time to Call Mercer.


Partnership With Employees

Providing benefits effectively is not a function of the benefits department, but rather a partnership between the department and the many vendors who deliver services to employees.

The Advantage of Strategy