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Transforming Healthcare Through IT

Health IT Promises to Improve Medical Outcomes And Reduce Expense

Evidence-Based Care Considerations Improve Care Quality

“Doctors are being paid for what they do, as opposed to being paid to provide better quality. To make quality happen, you need tools that allow data to be analyzed and transformed into actionable information.”

Gregory Steinberg, M.D., President & CEO, ActiveHealth Management

NaviNet Provides “Unified Patient Information Management”

Nemours—Embracing Digital Work Flow

Hard Numbers Prove the Point

“Healthcare today is where the financial industry was decades ago. There used to be disparate, unconnected financial networks, but now you can securely process financial transactions from anywhere in the world. This is what we predict will happen in healthcare. All stakeholders—providers, insurers, IT vendors and, most importantly, patients—will be able to safely and securely access and exchange meaningful patient data regardless of their location. This will dramatically improve the patient experience.”

Brad Waugh, CEO, NaviNet

Collaboration Leads To the “Right Answer”

ActiveHealth and IBM — Delivering CareEngine Through Cloud Computing

Aligning Reimbursement With Quality