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Shelley O’Connor
Morgan Stanley, Wealth Management



200,000 Associates, 20 Businesses and Never a Reason to Leave

Creating Chemistry Through Connections

Changing Tomorrow

American and European organizations have gotten used to the idea of outsourcing. The person doing your accounting calculations doesn't necessarily need to be an employee or even live in your country.

Most articles on benefits never mention the industry or strategy or approach to human capital management.

Head Check

Could neuroscience hold the key to recruiting women leaders?

Realistic HR Outsourcing:
Go Slowly But Safely

Billion-dollar outsourcing contracts
always make news.

Aggressive Approaches
Win Passive Recruits

A manager’s success depends on the
quality of the people he or she hires.

Overcoming Relocation Reluctance

A rising number of homeowners are saddled

with negative equity, leaving companies to face an uphill battle when convincing top talent to move.

The challenge with employee benefits is viewing them as an investment, not a cost.


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