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The Johnson Insurance Law Group, LLC


Excelling in Every Aspect of Insurance Law



If nothing went wrong, no one would need insurance. Check out any day’s headlines, though. The world is filled with peril.

Risk can become reality in an industrial accident, a construction disaster, a monster storm, the loss of a vessel’s cargo in transit. Perhaps more damaging is first learning after the catastrophe the insurance policy lacked the necessary coverage. Where commerce meets the fortuity of loss, excellent professional coverage counsel is a must. …Read More

E. Bart Daniel | Attorney at Law


Where the State’s Most Powerful
Players Turn First



Few defense attorneys in South Carolina have earned a reputation quite like Bart Daniel’s. And his is hard earned, to be sure. He began building it in 1980 as Assistant State Attorney General by investigating and prosecuting white-collar crimes; less than a decade later, President George H. W. Bush appointed Daniel U.S. Attorney for South Carolina. Landmark cases such as Operation Lost Trust—the largest and most successful legislative public corruption case in U.S. history—have long been a staple of Daniel’s career. …Read More

Kings Capital Construction Group


Kings of New York



Kings Capital Construction Group has built a solid reputation from the ground up. It hasn’t taken long.

J.D. Summa and his business partner, Mike Casarella, launched the company in 2009, in the depths of recession, when people said it was a crazy idea. But that timing worked out, allowing the company to begin slowly, bidding and building, developing relationships, earning the attention of local industry leaders. Today the firm serves clients throughout Greater New York. Not so crazy, as it turns out. …Read More



In the Golden Age of PR, Makovsky Wins
With Specialized Thinking



Ken Makovsky thinks the public relations industry is in a new golden age, thanks to the digitally driven Internet era. He cautions that it is also a time when the risk of getting public relations wrong is greater than ever before.

“What’s inside is outside. Everything a company says – including its partners, employees, shareholders – gets added to a wide-open book. If managed carelessly, the dam will break and the cost is steep,” says Makovsky, CEO. “Our clients understand they need all the techniques and channels at their disposal – social media, mainstream, direct marketing, conferences, websites, blogging, sponsored content, mobile media and branding.”  …Read More

Envisage Information Systems, LLC


Retirement Industry Software:
The Revolution Begins Here



Updating Web-based retirement record-keeping systems—those that serve participants, plan sponsors, financial advisors, administrators and auditors—can be a messy, costly task. Until recently, 401(k) plan providers had two options: 1) discard existing record-keeping systems in favor of entirely new ones; or 2) rely on work-for-hire IT professionals to develop software components from scratch.  …Read More

The Brown Group at UBS Financial Services Inc.


Financial Advice, Global Perspectives,
Risk Reduction


Carolann Doherty Brown, CFP® is the portfolio manager you want on your side in a financial crisis. That’s because she prepares for it long before it arrives.

As principal of The Brown Group at UBS, this award-winning financial planner sets the tone for her team and how it takes care of clients. In a nutshell: The Brown Group provides planning and comprehensive wealth management. As a portfolio manager, Brown puts an emphasis on helping to reduce risk in clients’ portfolios. …Read More

John F. Habig


Candid Conversation
Is First Step

Toward Achieving
Retirement Goals


It wasn’t an intimidating question: “What brings you here?” For the rest of the meeting, we casually talked as much about life as we did finances.

For John F. Habig’s clients, their first meeting with the financial advisor feels more like a candid conversation about anything other than investing.

“Wealth is only one way to measure someone’s success,” explains Habig, the 2014 Top Financial Advisor in New Hampshire according to Barron’s. “Family values are just as important to retirement plans as the latest stock market news. That’s why we ask clients to dedicate some time to talking to us about what in life …Read More

Financial Focus, Inc.


Financial Planning
With a Focus on the Personal


“People are busy. We get that. They have demanding, professional careers and complicated family lives. They’re often going in a dozen different directions at once. Sometimes, they have major changes occurring in their lives and don’t have the focus to fully comprehend the financial implications. That’s where we come in,” says Susan John, CFP®, president and founder of Financial Focus, Inc. “We condense volumes of information into an easily understood set of viable, unbiased options and give the client the confidence they need to move forward.” …Read More

Service Credit Union


Personal Service and Commitment to Member Satisfaction Drive Strong Growth


In an age of automated phone prompts and online-only customer contact, Service Credit Union still believes its members should be able to speak with a live person who can answer questions on the first call, without ever having to press another key.

“In-person service is still important,” says Gordon Simmons, president and CEO of Service Credit Union. “We’ve grown from $280 million in assets 20 years ago to $2.4 billion today. That’s a pretty significant amount of growth in a short time, and it’s a testament to our service.” …Read More

Pioneer Valley Financial Group


Pioneer Valley Financial Group

Fostering a Rewarding Client Experience


When you visit the Pioneer Valley Financial Group, LLC (PVFG) offices, expect to feel right at home. Its comfortable and homelike atmosphere is an inviting and enjoyable place to build your financial future, and just to visit.

When clients come to PVFG they can expect to receive professional advice from PVFG’s team of financial advisers. Yet, unlike many other financial planning agencies that are constantly racing a clock, clients can also come to PVFG to show off their vacation photos, bring news of children, grandchildren and pets, or simply just to chat. …Read More