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CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.
Efficient Software Solutions Open Doors and Control Costs for International Trade Community
When Darrell Ortiz began his career, the electronic era for business processes was in its infancy. In 1988, when he founded Houston-based CDM Software Solutions, Inc. with a handful of employees, the state of the art in operating systems was still PC-based DOS. Many of his first clients still used electric typewriters. Conducting business online? Almost unheard of.

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Precise Energy Products, Inc.

Precise Energy Products, Inc.
Former Operator Brings Unique Perspective to Oilfield Service Equipment Manufacturing
Gregg Cobb still remembers what it’s like to operate oilfield service equipment. The things that can make your job easier – or harder. The things that can go wrong in the field, and how a good, efficient design and timely, responsive service can make a world of difference. …Read More

Canary, LLC.

Validus Senior Living
Visionary Leadership Makes Canary, LLC the Largest Independent Wellhead Service Company

At age 28, Dan K. Eberhart was hardly a fresh-faced kid in the oil and gas industry. He was the vice president of acquisitions for a global product and service provider for the energy sector. When the Tulane University Law School alumnus’ recommendation to purchase a small wellhead company at the Bakken shale play went unheeded by his boss, he decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he left his stable, goodpaying job. He found a partner and within a couple of years, Eberhart and Don Pfister purchased the 20-year-old Frontier Wellhead & Supply in North Dakota. …Read More

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute
Innovation to Love your Heart More
Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute at Baptist Health South Florida has been advancing care in the community for over 25 years by pioneering treatments of heart and vascular conditions. Now with a $100 million expansion and integration of services at over 25 convenient locations, more of your loved ones can experience the most trusted cardiovascular care in the region from some of the nation’s most renowned physicians. …Read More

Center For Sight

Shell Point
Life-Changing Eye Surgery Gives 20/20 Vision to Leading Golf Pro
Championship golfers rely on the vision of world-renowned instructor David Leadbetter to stay at the top of their game. Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Michelle Wie and Lydia Ko are among the world-class golf professionals he has led to top 10 international rankings.

So when Leadbetter noticed his vision had declined and was told he had early cataracts, he made the decision to have surgery. He began a search to find the right surgeon. “I travel the world and could easily have gone anywhere,” says Leadbetter. “My research led me without question to Dr. David Shoemaker.” …Read More

The Perfect Setting for Your Retirement

Shell Point
Welcome Home to Shell point
Shell Point is an award-winning lifecare retirement resort located on the Caloosahatchee River in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of Florida. Immediately to the west are the Gulf of Mexico and the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva, internationally known for their white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and the abundance of exotic shells that wash up on their shores.

Distinctive Neighborhoods
Comprised of four distinctive neighborhoods, Shell Point provides the opportunity for you to design your perfect retirement. And no matter which neighborhood you choose as the backdrop for your retirement, you’ll enjoy access to all the people, places, services, and amenities that make Shell Point such a vibrant community.

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InspiredLiving Communities Independent Living Assisted Living Memory Care

Validus Senior Living
Validus Senior Living Sets New Standards in Personalized Care for Seniors 

Steven Benjamin’s elevator speech is short and sweet: “We take care of moms and dads.” It would be easy for the CEO of Validus Senior Living to tout his company’s standout properties, sophisticated technologies and remarkable amenities. But ultimately, Validus’ mission boils down to doing whatever it takes to deliver compassionate, personalized care and programming for seniors. “We understand that, at the end of the day, folks measure us based on how safe, cared for and happy their moms, dads and loved ones feel,” says Benjamin, a 23-year veteran of the senior living industry. “So, we don’t pay lip service to the idea of providing the highest quality customized care. A commitment to care for today’s seniors infuses all we do – based on three essential core principles that make up our mission: empathy, respect and professionalism. That mission is top of mind from every decision made in our corporate office to the interactions between staff members, our residents and their families.” …Read More

Schneider Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley

Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001Investing With Purpose 
  We recognize that it may be impossible to be all things to our clients, but we’re certainly going to try,” says Financial Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager Robert P. “Bob” Schneider, “and what will continually motivate us is knowing that we’ve tried to go far beyond simply making a difference in our clients’ lives.” Decorating the walls of Schneider’s office are cards and notes from people thanking him for the impact of his work and the care with which it was delivered. “Some were so touching or inspirational that I’ve had them framed to serve as reminders of what it means to do our job well,” says Schneider.  …Read More

Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center

Pushing the Frontiers of Cardiovascular Care for 75 Years
In cardiovascular care, the more you do, the better you become. Studies show heart patients at high-volume hospitals experience fewer preventable adverse events, enjoy greater patient safety and have better chances of surviving. Fifty thousand times a year, physicians and surgeons affiliated with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Medical School perform advanced procedures, many of which were pioneered where they call home – Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center. Its transcatheter aortic valve program, which allows valves to be replaced without open surgery, is among the three busiest in the U.S. …Read More

NYU Langone Hip Center

Hip Pain Threatens Quality of Life for Adults of All Ages
An increasing number of young adults find their lives sidetracked by debilitating hip pain. Many of these individuals are former youth athletes, whose active lifestyle is now hampered by discomfort in the joint and groin, limited range of motion, and symptoms like joint locking and catching. Trauma, developmental abnormalities and early stages of degenerative diseases like arthritis can also be the cause. “Left untreated, hip pain not only causes suffering in the present, it will eventually require hip replacement surgery as the protective cartilage in the load-bearing joint wears down over time. And since artificial hips typically last about 20 years, young patients may need a revision replacement surgery,” explains Roy I. Davidovitch, M.D., di- rector of the NYU Langone Hip Center, and a proponent of hip preservation techniques to help avoid hip replace- ment surgery. …Read More