Montage Insurance Solutions

Real-Life Supporting Role
Montage Insurance Solutions Serves Businesses and Their Employees

Long before she started in the insurance business, Danone Simpson spent 10 years working for an oil company in Dallas – sort of. Actually, she was an actress on “Dallas,” the mega-popular ’80s TV series. Her character, Kendall Chapman, was the receptionist at Ewing Oil for J.R. and Bobby Ewing.

Being part of that series was a remarkable experience, but her lifelong passion was ignited by something that happened years earlier. At age …Read More


NASCO Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs for Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® Plans

In the insurance world, and the health insurance world in particular, information and its management are increasingly important.

This is why Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Plan executives turn to NASCO to streamline data flow. Along with increased efficiencies, the company brings significant cost savings by managing more information better – creating the capacity for its Plan customers to grow their business without adding staff.

Lauret Howard, NASCO’s vice president of …Read More

Flaming Phoenix MD, Inc.

Never Say Impossible Flaming Phoenix MD Thrives on the Toughest Logistics Challenges

Nothing is impossible to Deb Disney. The former owner of a travel agency and a day spa stepped way outside of her comfort zone to get started in an entirely different field. In doing so, she has achieved far more than she ever imagined.

Disney took over her brother’s global logistics company, Flaming Phoenix MD, named after the mythical bird that rises up from its ashes to become stronger than before. Raising up a 100 percent woman-owned business in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry was no …Read More

Marketing Maven Public Relations

Earning – and Tracking –
Positive PR Results, Marketing Maven Public Relations Does Things a Little Differently

Many people can relate to the marketing executive who once said, “Half of my public relations efforts work. I just don’t know which half.” It’s an all-too-common scenario: Constant expenditures of time and money without accountability can leave marketers stumbling in the dark.

Fortunately, one PR firm has seen the light. Marketing Maven Public Relations offers a proven record of not only achieving, but tracking, results. “We give our clients accountability and transparency,” …Read More

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s Allison Young: Transformation of U.S. Healthcare Demands Leadership

While politicians and jurists debated the merits of the Affordable Care Act for the past three years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana steadily continued the transformation process it began in 2003. Under the leadership of Allison Young, Blue Cross has been exploring and implementing innovations to improve service to 1.4 million members.

“The need to rethink and reshape our healthcare delivery system is not in question, …Read More

Brandon Law Group

A Matrimonial Law Firm Dedicated to Professional Excellence

A man seeking custody of his children accuses his ex-wife of having a mental impairment that affects her parenting abilities. The mother turns to the Southern California-based Brandon Law Group for guidance. With the help of a qualified psychologist, the firm’s lawyers prove she is of sound mind. As a result, she retains custody.

A husband and wife, in the midst of a divorce, are co-owners of a successful media company. One expert says the company is worth over $4 million. …Read More

Med Management, LLC

Providing for the Providers MedManagement, LLC Takes a Burden off Health Care Facilities and Professionals

Patients have always looked to hospitals and physicians for solutions to their problems.  Where do hospitals and physicians go for solutions to their health care compliance issues? When it comes to medical necessity compliance, more and more hospitals and providers are turning to MedManagement for physician advisor services as the solution. Founded in 1996, MedManagement has trained, board-certified physician advisors available on a 24/7 basis to meet needs for concurrent, critical …Read More


Serving Small Businesses is MyCorporation’s Single Focus

Whether starting a business was their lifelong dream or thrust on them as a creative alternative to prolonged unemployment, most small business owners are resilient, tremendously agile and confident risk takers. “What the majority of startups lack, however, are the financial resources or a great deal of time to learn the intricacies of legal organization and completing ongoing legal filings. But decisions made early in a company’s history, such as whether or not to incorporate or form an LLC, expose the business owners’ …Read More

Allen’s Electric Motor Service

The Power to Succeed in a Man’s World Allen’s Electric Motor Service Gives Customers the Total Solution

Maybe you’ve never seen an electric motor service shop. If you have, you’ve never seen one like this. It’s clean, it’s well-organized, and it’s big – making it ideal for working on motors of all sizes, including 10,000 horsepower behemoths, right on the premises.

This 47,000-square-foot facility at Allen’s Electric Motor Service in Vivian, Louisiana, is a monument to precision and efficiency. But even more, it is a monument to the faith, will and determination of one woman who has …Read More

Advanced Environmental Consultants

A National Leader in Environmental Services

What started as a small, local job has materialized into a successful environmental firm with a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States. Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc.’s (AEC) clients continue to refer others and consistently return for assistance on new projects. This is all because of

AEC’s high-quality work, responsiveness and professionalism. With humble beginnings, DeJonnette Grantham King grew a business she started in 1997, in her dining room, into one of the nation’s …Read More