Pallet Central Enterprises

Solutions That Save Money and the Environment

A manufacturer wants to reduce shipping costs. The solution: wooden pallets constructed of both new and recycled lumber. The savings: $600,000, thanks to Atlanta-based Pallet Central Enterprises (PCE).

A meat processor with multiple sites across the U.S. needs customized pallets that meet high standards for cleanliness and design. Pallet Central Enterprises has the solution.

A distributor is paying money to have tons of corrugated cardboard boxes, POS materials, packing material and …Read More

Trial Partners, Inc.

Attorneys’ Valuable Ally:
Trial Partners, Inc.
Maps Strategies, Picks Juries,
Prepares Witnesses

J. Lee Meihls, Ph.D. has some great stories to tell. Like her jury selections for Michael Jackson’s and R. Kelly’s defense teams. But the one where you can really hear fire in her voice was a rape case where she offered her services to the prosecution after the verdict angered her. In that one, the hung jury (11-1 for acquittal) that caught Meihls’ attention led to a retrial – and conviction after Trial Partners got involved. In another high-profile retrial, Meihls helped MGA Entertainment win an …Read More


Now Departing: Mitch-Stuart Takes Fundraising and Corporate Rewards to Higher Levels

Mitch-Stuart’s clients are really going places. And so, literally, are those clients’ key donors and best employees.

This premium development company creates amazing travel and adventure getaways that charities can auction as fundraisers and corporations can award to top performers and valued customers. These packages blend destination with elements of the exotic and the unique into experiences rich in Wow! factor.

Imagine a fundraising ball where …Read More

Cohesive Tax

Money-Saving Tax Strategies for Individuals and Businesses

A man invests thousands of dollars in what he believes to be a legitimate tax shelter. Years later, the IRS socks him with a $2.3 million bill. Cohesive Tax, a Southern California tax consulting firm, negotiates a settlement for a small fraction of the amount owed.

A husband and wife own a small business and pay $120,000 per year in income tax. Cohesive Tax shows them how to revise their corporate structure, leverage existing rental property and hire their own teenage and college-age children, …Read More


Tides Helping People Invest in the World They Want to See

A filmmaker needs financial support to produce a movie about the plight of Palestinian immigrants. The result: the critically acclaimed Amreeka, which screened at major film festivals and on network television.

An anti-domestic violence program needs money. Activists mobilize a campaign to persuade Congress to reauthorize funding. Today, Stop Family Violence continues its important work of public education and advocacy about a growing epidemic.

An organization …Read More

CH Reynolds

Woman-owned CH Reynolds Nears 30th Anniversary With Second Generation of Family Leadership

Women owning construction companies was a rarity in 1996 when Shelly Paiva got her first job at CH Reynolds. They were more likely found answering phones and working in the front office. That’s just where Paiva began, but she had her sights on management and ownership. It was, after all, in her DNA. Her father, Charles H. Reynolds, had founded the Silicon Valley-based electrical construction company in 1983.

Rolling up her sleeves, Paiva immersed …Read More

SideMark Corporate Furniture

Excellence in Workspace Design Positively
Affects Lives Says SideMark’s Sandi Jacobs

Sandi Jacobs joined furniture dealer SideMark in 1989, the same year the Dilbert comic strip debuted. Dilbert graphically depicted the bleak, cubicle-defined work spaces of modern offices typical of the time. With a vision of “truly cohesive design,” SideMark founder and CEO Randy Horton recruited the talented Jacobs to establish a new business model for the corporate furniture company that would integrate excellent design with outstanding dealer services. …Read More

Golden Gate University

Today’s Tax and Accounting Leaders Teaching Tomorrow’s

Golden Gate University is where tomorrow’s brightest tax and accounting professionals go to learn from those at the peak of their field today.

This nonprofit institution is professionally based, says Mary Canning, dean of the Braden School of Taxation and the School of Accounting. She oversees graduate curricula in these disciplines, and she has built them into highly respected, real-world programs with a total of about 2,300 students. …Read More

CompuData, Inc.

Better Technology Solutions Mean Better Business

It was 1971 – the year the NASDAQ opened its doors, five full years before Apple twinkled in Steve Jobs’ eyes and four years before the mighty giant Microsoft was conceived. It was also the year that CompuData came on the scene.

CompuData, Inc., a business software and technology solutions firm, was founded as a time-sharing service bureau back when computers filled large temperature-controlled rooms with raised floors. Much has changed in technology over the last 40 years, and CompuData has been there to guide …Read More

CDI Corporation

Engineering and Technology Solutions, Worldwide

Providing quality service is one thing. Being flexible to change as the client grows, being attentive to what the client truly needs and really understanding the importance of client service excellence is what sets a company apart.

“We sincerely value our client relationships,” says Paulett Eberhart, president and CEO of Philadelphia-based CDI Corporation, a leading engineering and technology services firm. While CDI’s capabilities are world-class, instilling a client-centric, …Read More