CORNERSTONE WEALTH AND TAX ADVISORY GROUP INC. Building Financial Foundations A husband and wife in their 70s, overweighted in high-risk investments, turn to South Carolina-based Cornerstone Wealth and Tax Advisory Group for more age-appropriate financial management. Cornerstone transitions them to safer products, protecting the couple from devastating losses like those that affected so many others in 2008. Retiring from a hospital with a modest nest egg, a woman is concerned about having sufficient income. Cornerstone shows her how to combine Social Security with steady investment income, providing her more money …Read More

The Faro Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Strong Family Background Relationships Matter to The Faro Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney The Faro Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is built on family. Nelson Faro started as a licensed investment professional more than 27 years ago and has been joined by his sons, Forrest and Kyle, who are also Financial Advisors. This close, family relationship extends to their clients as well: The Faro Group strives to form connections that are deep and long-lasting. As a 2012 member of the firm’s President’s Club, Nelson Faro belongs to an elite group of leading Financial Advisors. He was also …Read More

Pinkerton Wealth Management Group

The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be Pinkerton Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Helps Clients Invest Smarter and Breathe Easier Here’s a shocking personal disclosure from Scott Pinkerton, CFP®, CIMA®, AIF, Managing Director – Investments of Pinkerton Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors – something few financial advisors are willing to admit: He does not have, nor has he ever had, the ability to predict the future. And, as Pinkerton will tell you, that’s a good thing. Not knowing – or thinking he knows – exactly …Read More

Saling Simms Associates

Comprehensive Strategy Needed to Manage Wealth EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING. That unusual sign hung in the room of Jim Saling, CIMA®,CPWA®, Registered Principal throughout his childhood. Today, it embodies the philosophy of wealth management at Saling Simms Associates, an Independent Registered Investment Advisor. “Wealth cannot be managed in a vacuum,” explains Saling. “True wealth management must consider all aspects of your life. Portfolio, tax and risk management as well as generational wealth issues including estate, legacy and philanthropic considerations …Read More

Harvest Financial Advisors

Personalized Wealth Management HARVEST FINANCIAL ADVISORS LLC OFFERS A WEALTH OF SOLUTIONS With concerns over the global economy and uncertainty over the future of tax rates, health care, Social Security and a host of other variables, it is increasingly difficult to know which way to turn when it comes to investing. Harvest Financial Advisors, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, helps take the worry out of wealth management. Many of the firm’s nationwide clients are successful professionals, retirees and high-net-worth families with complex planning …Read More

Palmetto Investment Consultants

At Palmetto Investment Consultants, RETIREMENT PLANNING STARTS WITH THE END IN MIND Don’t expose clients to any more risk than necessary to achieve their goals. That’s the guiding philosophy at Palmetto Investment Consultants, LLC, a full-service financial firm in Rock Hill, S.C. “We start every client relationship with the end in mind,” says John S. Sloop Jr., CFP®, MBA, President. “Every new relationship begins with an in-depth retirement and financial planning process to identify what the client wishes to accomplish – and any potential potholes along the way.” …Read More

Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank: Helping Texas Businesses Succeed Recent Acquisition Enhances Network of Largest Texas-Based U.S. Bank With the completion of its Sterling Bancshares acquisition on July 28, 2011, Comerica Bank significantly boosted its Texas presence with a solid deposit base and a well-located banking center network. With offices and retail banking centers throughout its headquarters city of Dallas, as well as in Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, Kerrville and San Antonio, the largest U.S. bank headquartered in Texas continues a tradition of helping clients and businesses achieve their financial goals. As an innovative financial services …Read More

Hannan, Graybill & Associates

A FINANCIAL ADVISORY PRACTICE OF AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. Contrary to what you may think, financial planning is not a science, but an art. It’s not so much about crunching numbers as it is about listening. That’s because it takes more than computers, databases and Internet connections to be a successful financial planner. It takes insight, understanding and a healthy dose of compassion. Kimm Hannan knows all about this. President of Hannan, Graybill & Associates, he has been listening, understanding and helping point clients in the direction of their dreams for 38 years. In fact, …Read More

Novus Advisors

REVOLUTIONIZING RETIREMENT PLAN ASSET MANAGEMENT Novus Advisors Unleashes Novus Managed Allocation PortfoliosTM Typically the wealthiest investors always seem to have an advantage. Their extensive assets give them access to the most exclusive products, asset managers, and expertise. Through its patent pending Novus Managed Allocation PortfoliosTM, Novus Advisors has broken down the traditional investment barriers to provide premier investment access to all retirement plan participants. Developed and implemented by Novus Advisors …Read More

Van Winkle Wealth Management Group

Protecting Retirement Nest Eggs
Through Alternate ‘Hybrid’ Strategies Today’s retirees and pre-retirees are navigating a treacherous retirement planning environment. Headlines are filled with ominous warnings of Recessions, Financial Crises, Fiscal Cliffs, the European Debt Crisis, Terrorist Attacks, the Flash Crash, Record Low Interest Rates, Quantitative Easing, Record National Debt, Runaway Spending … all with the potential to help derail retirement plans. In light of the uncertainty, a new breed of financial planner is emerging. Rather than focusing primarily on asset accumulation, they understand investors’ need to …Read More