“The EMI Network team has been great! I really appreciate the entire experience.” – Sandi Jacobs, IIDA, President

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Luna Data Solutions

“It has been a pleasure interacting with everyone at EMI Network. The team is very helpful and walked Luna Data Solutions through the process of being in Forbes very easily. Thank you, EMI Network, for all you have done!” – Christina Long, Marketing Manager

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FM Facility Maintenance

“Everyone was very professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and as a team kept us focused on what we needed to provide to get this piece produced. EMI Network made the experience painless.” – Anonymous

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Gulfstream Business Bank

“Working with EMI was a pleasure from start to finish. The professionalism and ease with which they completed a complex project far exceeded our expectations.” – Lisa Ricchiuti, Marketing Coordinator

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Law Firm of MacLean and Ema

Creative Estate Planning & Real Estate Services

Since 1974, MacLean and Ema has helped more than 8,500 clients preserve and protect their assets for their families. In addition to representing and protecting its clients in real estate transactions, the South Florida-based law firm has successfully designed estate plans for high-net-worth individuals, which have saved their families millions of dollars in estate taxes and avoided guardianship and probate proceedings.

More importantly, this AV-rated firm has designed estate plans that have met the personal needs of clients and their families. Not every …Read More

National Penn Wealth Management

Face-to-Face Approach Sets Stage for 
Customized, Coordinated Financial Strategies

A glimmer of hope for an economic recovery has given way to a maddeningly slow rate of growth in 2012. “As investors watch their timelines diminish, they can be tempted to panic and make decisions based on emotions,” says Don Worthington, CEO of National Penn Wealth Management (NPWM).

NPWM focuses on creating confident investors. “Our clients tell us they are most concerned about maintaining their quality of life during retirement, funding major obligations and preserving …Read More

Colucci & Umans

Colucci & Umans—Unsurpassed Excellence and Value in Protecting Intellectual Property

Each and every day, businesses in the United States and abroad face countless decisions.  When these decisions impact a business’s most valuable assets—its brand and other intellectual property—selecting the right IP counsel is critical.

Colucci & Umans is a boutique law firm whose practice is devoted exclusively to guiding businesses through the intricacies of both domestic and international protection of their trademarks, copyrights and patents.  Not taking proper steps early in the process …Read More

Insurance Applications Group

Insurance Applications Group Gives Employers 
a Sensible Option

Nothing about health care reform is simple, straightforward or easy to understand. Consider a recent McKinsey & Co. survey of 1,300 diverse businesses across the country: As many as 30 percent indicated they will cease to offer major medical insurance to their employees beginning in 2014 as a result of the complex regulations and requirements of the Affordable Care Act. This number increases to more than 50 percent when the employer becomes more familiar with the full impact of the law. …Read More