A&C Plastics

Service. It’s What We Deliver.

It comes in every color of the rainbow – and over a hundred more. It can be sliced as thin as .020 of an inch, or up to four inches. Best of all, it’s free. “At A&C Plastics, what we sell is service,” explains President Carolyn Faulk. “We throw in the plastic for free.”

It’s an unusual business philosophy – but it works.

Plastic from the Houston-based “distributors’ distributor” can be found everywhere from greenhouses to skylights, shopping malls to stadiums. It has shielded media representatives at major golf tournaments and hockey fans at Toyota Center in Houston, and gone up in space as a tiny but essential part of astronauts’ suits. It has withstood dancers’ feet on So You Think You Can Dance and been used in podiums for the Oscars and other awards shows.

The window that allows visitors to see into the engine room of the Battle Ship of Texas in Galveston? That’s A&C plastic, too.

In all, Faulk says, the company sells to some 15 industries, especially the sign, skylight, greenhouse, point-of-purchase and fabrication industries. A&C is the largest single plastics distributor in the U.S., with annual sales of over $23 million, 45 employees, and shipping locations in Houston, Chicago and Colorado Springs. The company recently enlarged its warehouse space to over 170,000 square feet in response to growing customer demand. Its inventory has been expanded as well.

Service Above Self
As much as Faulk enjoys spotting the company’s plastic on television or describing its wide and unusual variety of uses, what really sets A&C apart, she says, is its exemplary customer service.

“We believe in service above self,” Faulk says, “and we work hard to make every customer feel like they’re the only one we have. We do everything possible to make it quick and easy to buy from us, because we understand time is money.” All orders are shipped the day they are received; customers never have to wonder when their purchase will arrive, because they receive a follow-up email with a tracking number and delivery date.

“As I often tell my employees, if you have bad service at a restaurant you’re not going to go back, even if the meal was great,” Faulk says. “At A&C Plastics, we’re large enough to serve you, and small enough to know you.”


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