Advanced Environmental Consultants

A National Leader in Environmental Services

What started as a small, local job has materialized into a successful environmental firm with a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States. Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc.’s (AEC) clients continue to refer others and consistently return for assistance on new projects. This is all because of

AEC’s high-quality work, responsiveness and professionalism. With humble beginnings, DeJonnette Grantham King grew a business she started in 1997, in her dining room, into one of the nation’s top providers of environmental consulting and remediation services. “There are no shortcuts,” she says. “The key to success in this industry is quality work above and beyond the client’s expectations.”

Grantham King demonstrated her ‘no shortcut’ aphorism from the very start when she was requested to provide assistance on her very first job. Advanced Environmental Consultants was monitoring air quality at a construction project run by a national utility company. While onsite, AEC President and CEO Grantham King noticed contractors were not following industry regulations for debris disposal, a lapse that could have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for her client. Even though that issue was not her responsibility on that particular project, Grantham King stepped forward and notified the client. She also made a single suggestion that, when implemented, eliminated all disposal liability for her client. The utility company was so pleased it named AEC a preferred vendor and now works with it on projects all over the country.

Quality Work and Superior Customer Service

According to Grantham King, one of the most important services AEC provides is legally defensible documentation. “If one of our clients ends up in court, they can rest assured our documentation will hold up under any circumstances,” she says. Grantham King realizes the grave significance of thorough, quality work that can be represented via clear and precise documentation. She leads her company with a high level of integrity and honesty, and exercises keen attention to detail no matter the size of the project. For this reason as well as many others, the firm’s client list is both long and impressive. AEC’s portfolio includes airports, municipalities, transportation departments, universities, attorneys, financial institutions, insurers, developers, industrial and manufacturing facilities, military installations and individual homeowners.

Building a business and a good reputation in a male-dominated industry hasn’t been easy, Grantham King says. “I learned to take a disadvantage and make it an advantage. I realized early on that, all other things being equal, clients want to work with someone they know and like. As a woman, relationship building is an area where I’m likely to have an advantage over most men. I learned to make that work for me. Just like any other obstacle, the key to getting around it is grabbing hold of whatever advantage you can and making the most of it.” Grantham King definitely knows how to harness her advantages to lead Advanced Environmental Consultants into a growing company based on industry experience, integrity and valued client relations. AEC is the ideal firm for those seeking environmental and/or remedial services done with excellence and precision.


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