Allen’s Electric Motor Service

The Power to Succeed in a Man’s World Allen’s Electric Motor Service Gives Customers the Total Solution

Maybe you’ve never seen an electric motor service shop. If you have, you’ve never seen one like this. It’s clean, it’s well-organized, and it’s big – making it ideal for working on motors of all sizes, including 10,000 horsepower behemoths, right on the premises.

This 47,000-square-foot facility at Allen’s Electric Motor Service in Vivian, Louisiana, is a monument to precision and efficiency. But even more, it is a monument to the faith, will and determination of one woman who has never been afraid of the unknown.

Peggy Allen Parker started the company with her father in 1979. He handled the motors; she took care of the books and just about everything else in the small 900-square-foot shop. Five years later, when her father had to leave the business due to health issues, Parker made the tough decision to carry on alone. She had already started working on motors herself and continued to learn more, both on the job and by taking classes.

“It’s been a hard road trying to get ahead in a man’s world,” says Parker. “After countless hours of hands-on work and studying the Electric Motor Repair manual, I gained the confidence and knowledge of my customers.” The hard work has paid off in the form of the trust her customers have given her, helping her business grow tremendously. Working primarily in the oil refining, power generation, pulp and paper industries, as well as with municipalities, Allen’s is known as a total solution provider for electric motors, pumps, chillers and all types of rotating equipment.

A Shop That Never Stops Learning

“We’ve built an elite service center by implementing precision procedures in our repair process,” says Parker. “To ensure the quality of our craftsmanship, we’ve kept up with the innovations of the industry and invested in continuing education. We keep our employees up-to-date on new procedures and equipment, whether it’s refresher courses on bearings or webinars on predictive and preventive maintenance.”

The clean look of the service center and the attitude and expertise of the employees help customers feel comfortable leaving their work at Allen’s. Even better, they know their repair will be completed in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Parker’s goal is to always go beyond what her customers expect. “What I like best about this business,” she says, “is we maintain corporate expectations and standards while keeping a family atmosphere. Taking care of the customer is my number-one priority. I pride myself in promoting a positive attitude amongst our employees as well as our customers. Fulfilling our customers’ needs is expected – exceeding their expectations is my goal.”


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