Web-Based Security Solutions From a Cloud Pioneer

Email in the cloud. Spam filtering in the cloud. Web protection in the cloud. Almost everyone these days is jumping on the cloud bandwagon, offering a dizzying array of products and services aimed at making businesses more secure, efficient and profitable.

But AppRiver entered the cloud-computing business before it was even called the cloud, delivering applications seamlessly from the Internet to businesses everywhere. In 2002, the new company’s visionary founders, Michael Murdoch and Joel Smith, set out to conquer spam, which was clogging inboxes and frustrating IT staffs everywhere. Realizing customers didn’t want or need complicated, binding contracts, and that they wanted to try any system before committing to it, they turned to the cloud.

AppRiver’s spam solution was economical and easy to use, and could be up and running in minutes, adapted in real time and turned off at any time. Customers paid only for the service they needed, and because it was Internet-based, there was no equipment to purchase or maintain. Like all subsequent AppRiver offerings, SecureTide™ came with a free, 30-day trial and with Phenomenal Care™, the company’s 24/7, U.S.-based customer support. “The goal was to eliminate risk for small and medium-sized businesses that might not have a large IT department,” recalls Smith, the company’s chief technology officer.

The service – and the business model – quickly took off. A handful of customers soon became hundreds. And AppRiver was on its way.

Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Focus on What They Do Best

Fast forward 10 years, and AppRiver is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, and one of America’s top email messaging and security companies. The company has maintained an outstanding 93 percent customer retention rate since its inception.

Spam filtering quickly led to exchange hosting, as customers began asking AppRiver to host their Microsoft Exchange service. This, in turn, led to CipherPost Pro™ email encryption and to the SecureSurf™ Web protection service. AppRiver was one of only five North American partners chosen by Microsoft to bring its Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite to market. An intuitive customer portal allows administrators to provide and manage all of their services through a single interface.

“Our background as entrepreneurs helped us understand that IT isn’t a core competency for most companies,” says Murdoch, the company’s president and CEO. “We want to help take those functions off their plates and off their minds so they can focus on what they do best.”


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