Arora Engineers, Inc.

Dynamic, Leading-Edge and Thoroughly Proven
Arora Engineers, Inc.

On paper, Arora Engineers, Inc. has made a singular mark. It is one of the Tristate region’s largest minority-owned engineering firms, a 70-person team serving clients from the firm’s hometown of Philadelphia to much of the East Coast and beyond. Now in its 25th year, Arora is well established, but it hasn’t slowed with age. Since 2002, the firm has grown 1,000 percent, appearing on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for four of the past five years.

In practice, Arora enjoys equal distinction. At age 43, President and CEO Manik K. Arora, P.E.—who took the reins from his father, the firm’s founder—leads an energetic leadership team with a penchant for innovative problem solving, the latest digital technology and what Manik calls “hyper-responsive” client service.

“The mix of systems we provide is just as broad and comprehensive as that of a 40,000-person firm,” Manik says. “We’re that center of excellence concentrated in a close-knit, creative, youthful culture. And we continue to keep pace with client demand.”

Systems Engineering With Broad Applications
Arora applies its mastery of all types of systems—mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, aeronautical, GIS, security, surveillance, digital signage, and others—across a variety of sectors. From major airport hubs, rail, and mass transit to a full range of transportation infrastructure projects, Arora’s engineers lend their proven expertise as design consultants, construction managers, and facility managers to meet the needs of every project phase.

Manik looks forward to diversifying further on multiple fronts. “We are broadening our business segments, looking at alternate funding mechanisms like public/private partnerships and the expansion of our corporate client base,” he says. “We’ve recently expanded our reach to the West Coast and are looking at India and China. Slow and steady wins the race—that’s always been our approach.”

Super-Charged Culture Cultivates Success
Manik takes equal pride in the culture Arora has built over time—one that actively promotes communication, collaboration, camaraderie, and creativity.

“This is not the old cubicle office space anymore,” he says. “We’re a mobile app crowd, embracing and advancing new technologies to stay connected company-wide. We come together for softball games, yoga classes, and other team-building competitions. It’s a work hard-play hard culture that’s fresh, young and persistent—and a great source of pride.”


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