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Minimally Invasive Care – From Inside the Spine

More than 1.2 million back surgeries are performed in the United States each year.  About 450,000 fail – at a huge cost in lost workdays, lost wages . . . and pain.

Typically spine surgeons base the patient’s procedure off their MRI, which is a freeze frame snapshot of the problem – not necessarily giving the doctor all the needed information, says Vladimir Redko, M.D., an independent practitioner in Houston, Texas.

Traditional spine surgery often requires cutting through muscle and bone, then moving nerve tissue to reach the spot where the physician believes, based on an MRI, the trouble is.  “Although the disc levels may look bad on a MRI,” Dr. Redko says, “it’s impossible to tell which ones cause the pain based off the MRI scan.”

Because of this, Dr. Redko uses an advanced minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) approach: North American Spine’s exclusive AccuraScope® Discectomy and Neural Decompression.  In this procedure, Dr. Redko inserts a thin, steerable catheter, complete with an endoscopic camera and working ports for treatment devices, through a 3mm incision at the base of the spine.

“I can look at all of the lumbar spinal structures in high definition bilaterally,” he says. “This offers significant advantages of being able to diagnose and treat at the same time.”

Inside the spinal canal, Dr. Redko can see the injury causing disc disruption, bone spurs, ligament damage, and scarring that the body is actively trying to repair.  He can then individualize treatment at each of these painful structures with different minimally invasive tools, or simultaneously guide one of his surgical colleagues to a specific area in need of an alternate MISS technique.

“Long-term, multicenter research, published by the Department of Neurosurgery at LSU Health Science Center, confirms that this method significantly reduces pain and increases quality of life for most patients, even those who have Failed Back Surgery Syndrome,” says Dr. Redko. “Its unique ability to both diagnose and treat more problem areas with more clarity and less invasion has made it an appealing MISS alternative as we strive to reduce the number of failed spine surgeries.”

Offered in multiple centers worldwide, the AccuraScope’s advanced approach requires intensive physician training and is becoming increasingly available in the United States.

Like all AccuraScope-trained physicians, Dr. Redko emphasizes evidence-based medicine and conservative algorithms for spine pain treatment. In all, North American Spine provides more than 40 diagnostic and therapeutic spine interventions, and tailors recommendations to each patient’s individual case.

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