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Manhattan attorney Michael Bachner has important advice for anyone who may have committed even the most minor white-collar offense – advice that could mean the difference between paying a fine and serving time in jail.

“Don’t wait for the FBI to come knocking,” he says. Call a lawyer if there’s even “a whiff of a suspicion” there’s a problem. Or you may forfeit the opportunity to have your case handled in the most effective manner.

According to Bachner, a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor who has handled complex criminal defense and securities litigation cases for over 30 years, matters that until recently would have been handled by the Securities and Exchange Commission or another regulatory agency are now routinely being treated as crimes.

It’s a sign of the times, he says. “In today’s Wall Street-versus-Main Street environment, it’s easy to scapegoat the businessman. And that’s exactly what I think is happening. People are now going to jail for these offenses in numbers we have never seen before and for lengths of time that were once unimaginable.

“Many judges feel they have to send a message that white-collar crime is not going to be tolerated,” Bachner adds. “Even though long sentences really have no deterrent effect on white-collar offenders, they’re routinely giving people 12 years, 15 years, 20 years.”

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs
Bachner & Associates, P.C. has successfully represented corporations and officers, investment bankers, stock brokers, mortgage bankers, bank officials, high-profile entertainers and athletes, and professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and lawyers.

Much of the firm’s work is preventive: Bachner has a good feel for the kinds of situations that can turn into disasters if left unchecked. “If dealt with properly,” he says, “they can result in fines or sanctions as opposed to arrests.”

Keeping sensitive matters away from the media glare is another key focus. “If you get charged with a crime, that in and of itself is sufficient for many people to stop doing business with you. Once you lose your good reputation, it can be impossible to get back, even if you’re later acquitted or the matter is disposed of favorably.”

So, Bachner says, don’t ignore the warning signs. “Because once the horse is out of the stable, it’s out of the stable. The trick is to prevent it from leaving at all.”


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