Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC

Financial Security, Generation After Generation

Retirement almost always comes sooner than expected. When planning for the future, it is becoming harder to know which way to turn due to the recession and questions surrounding Social Security, future tax rates and other variables. More than ever, particularly for families and individuals with substantial wealth, it is critical to seek guidance from knowledgeable advisors.

“We view ourselves as financial physicians,” says Michael G. Frazier, Vice President and Portfolio Manager of California-based Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC (BFIC). “We diagnose the client’s situation and treat it accordingly. We actively manage the portfolio and if there’s a problem, we take action.”

With over $340 million* in managed assets, Bedell Frazier offers the resources and experience of a large firm, but is small enough to give the personal attention its clients deserve. BFIC engineers and actively manages individual stock and bond portfolios. More than an investment firm, BFIC seeks to understand and become involved in all financial aspects of a client’s life—education, real estate, long-term care and more—often in collaboration with the client’s other advisors such as attorneys and CPAs. As an independent company, Bedell Frazier provides objective advice it believes is in the client’s best interest. Many clients are corporate executives and business owners with complex financial issues.

In business for nearly four decades, founding partner Jude Bedell has guided clients through all kinds of market conditions, including the bubble burst, as well as the 2008 financial crisis. Bedell is recognized as a pioneer, as one of the first women to start a wealth management firm. She wrote the book The ABCs of Bonds, which is available on Frazier offers weekly commentaries on Bay Area KKDV-FM (92.1). Both partners share their financial insights in their weekly email newsletter, The TGIF Report.

“We’re in a very pivotal time for our country,” Frazier says. “The biggest risk for many Americans is the possibility of outliving their savings. Our job is to make sure our clients’ money is working hard for them.”


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