Brafman & Associates, P.C.

Benjamin Brafman
Wins Criminal Cases Against Long Odds

The cases are often high profile, the stakes very high. That is why people facing serious criminal charges call on Ben Brafman to defend them.

Brafman and his team of six lawyers at Brafman & Associates, P.C., the Manhattan law firm he heads, are as smart as they come. Brafman is a highly experienced trial lawyer who has won the respect of judges, prosecutors, and colleagues, a man who knows the law but also does not blink in the media glare that often surrounds many of his prominent clients. While the practice he formed in 1980 after serving as a prosecutor under Robert M. Morgenthau focuses heavily on white-collar criminal defense, the firm’s clients come from every business and professional background, and the firm practices with equal comfort in both federal and state courts. Many who know Brafman confirm that “he is an expert at taking very complex issues and making them ‘jury friendly,’” a talent he has used to win many criminal cases and even some non-criminal cases where other firms enlisted him as trial counsel because of his unique courtroom skills.

Many in the legal profession, from lawyers to judges, speak of Ben Brafman in laudatory terms, hardly surprising since he has won acquittals in major criminal cases where victory seemed highly unlikely.

Brafman is often referred to as “one of the best trial lawyers in America,” with formal recognition including having been named “Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York” by New York magazine, winning the first ever “Clarence Darrow Award” from the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the “Norman Ostrow Award” for excellence in the field of white-collar criminal defense from the New York Council of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

In addition to Brafman’s trial skills, clients also benefit from the force of his personality and his ability to deal with the public relations aspects of many high-profile criminal cases. “It’s never easy and it’s not always fun,” Brafman says, “but dealing intelligently with the media is an important discipline I have developed; a discipline that is critical in shaping public opinion in a case where a client is being destroyed by the media before the case even begins.”

While many of the firm’s cases involve high-visibility clients, Brafman notes that the firm’s most important work often involves cases that never make the news, cases that nobody ever hears or reads about. As Brafman explains, “Much of our time is devoted to helping people avoid prosecution, winning a case before it becomes a case. It is much more gratifying to help someone keep the life and reputation they have than trying to get them back the life that an indictment will forever change, even if we ultimately prevail at trial.”

A Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers, Brafman lectures widely on criminal trial practice and, in recent years, has even added an international component to his practice, with clients in Europe, South Africa, Canada and Israel who have conferred with him about helping them resolve complicated litigation or manage a legal crisis.

Although considered one of the “toughest” lawyers practicing today, Brafman has often said that a criminal defense lawyer must be “tough and gentle.” He explains, “While it is important to be a good lawyer, it is equally important to be a good person, a mensch.”

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