Bright Horizons

Building a Better Workforce Through Sustainable Productivity

It’s a well-accepted fact that top workforces drive top employers. And landing – and keeping – those workforces are among an employer’s biggest challenges.

It’s a subject with which Bright Horizons is eminently familiar. For more than 25 years, the Massachusetts-based organization has helped leading employers move ahead with workforces that are productive, resilient and engaged. Recognized as the leader in the work/life industry, Bright Horizons partners with more than 800 clients, strengthening workforces by solving employees’ personal challenges that would otherwise hinder their performance at work.

Benefitting from top-notch workforces is a purposeful effort, says Bright Horizons Chief Human Resources Officer Dan Henry. Employer-sponsored child care and early education, for example, facilitate performance by alleviating the pressures of child care challenges. Similarly, the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage program prevents last-minute crises by providing emergency care when regular arrangements for children or adults/elders fall through. Such strategies not only enable performance, says Henry, they sustain it by minimizing disruptions that would otherwise continually hamper forward progress.

Back-up care, says Henry, is of particular consequence now that the so-called sandwich generation is a growing cohort, with millions of employees simultaneously caring for children and aging parents, often at the expense of job performance. Still, dependent care is just one part of Bright Horizons’ overall philosophy that says any unresolved challenges in an employee’s personal life can have ripples that affect whole organizations. “Outside stresses affect well-being, which is inextricably linked to job performance,” says Henry. Knowing that challenges extend beyond caring for children and adults, Bright Horizons offers solutions to address all life stages, including EdAssist tuition assistance management to help employees achieve educational goals; College Coach to guide dependents in their pursuit of admission to college; and Horizons Workforce Consulting to address and respond to an organization’s range of work/life needs. The objective is a kind of symbiosis where employers reach strategic goals by creating workforces that are energized, driven, and willing and able to deliver.

The payoffs, says Henry, are unmistakable. “What we see over and over is that employees in these cultures are extremely effective,” he says. “These people work better not just because they have to, but because they’re inspired to.”


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