Burns & McDonnell

Building What the World Needs

Burns & McDonnell: Employee-Owned, Client-Centered

At a time when businesses everywhere are struggling,
one company is bucking the trend. Connecticut-based Burns & McDonnell is not just surviving, it is thriving, growing and even hiring.

“Our claim to fame in the Northeast is building $1 billion and larger projects,” says Brett Williams, manager and senior vice president of the engineering, construction and environmental consulting solutions firm. “We can take care of everything from purchasing real estate to permitting, community relations, material procurement and full construction management. For those building massive scale projects, we have a lot to offer – one-stop shopping for a full range of project execution services.”

A global company with over 3,400 employees around the world, Burns & McDonnell is established in the Northeast and familiar with doing business here. The firm has 270 local employees, and, Williams is quick to add, next week there will be more. Good news for serious employment candidates: Burns & McDonnell was ranked 26th in Fortune’s 2012 List of 100 Best Companies to Work for, and has been honored by the Hartford Business Journal as a Best Place to Work in Connecticut for the last three consecutive years.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

The firm is employee owned, and that is crucial for creating a culture of excellence. “This is a great place to work because people here really care,” says Williams. “We work together closely, but, in effect, we’re also working for ourselves. We have a compensation structure that rewards achievement and success, and features large year-end incentives primarily tied to individual performance. It takes a certain type of person to work here. You have to have a fire in your gut.”

Outstanding motivation is a hallmark of the Burns & McDonnell staff. Eighty-five percent of company stock is owned by the employees who conduct the day-to-day work. “We push ourselves extremely hard,” says Williams. “I cannot thrive in my job unless the people sitting next to me are thriving in theirs. We’ve got each other’s backs. Our marching orders are to make our clients successful, and we take that to heart. Our extraordinary amount of repeat business shows we’re treating clients well.”

Both clients and employees can appreciate the entrepreneurial environment at Burns & McDonnell. Employees are encouraged to find ways to build a better mousetrap – or a more efficient electrical transmission grid. “This is a company with very clear direction,” says Williams, “but at the same time it’s incredibly flexible. We have the freedom to pursue what is best for our clients and the communities we serve.”


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