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Providing quality service is one thing. Being flexible to change as the client grows, being attentive to what the client truly needs and really understanding the importance of client service excellence is what sets a company apart.

“We sincerely value our client relationships,” says Paulett Eberhart, president and CEO of CDI Corporation, a leading engineering and technology services firm. While CDI’s capabilities are world-class, instilling a client-centric, quality-focused culture is the goal of CDI’s new CEO.

Eberhart joined CDI in January 2011 and has taken steps to streamline the company’s mission with a greater focus on client service excellence in select industries. “We give our clients access to our breadth of services through one point of contact. We listen carefully, work efficiently and find creative solutions to client challenges while remaining cost-competitive. Satisfying the client by exceeding their expectations is our primary mission.”

In her first year leading the company, CDI Corporation’s revenues were up 14 percent, to over $1 billion. Clearly she is doing something right.

CDI’s services are called upon to help clients manage complex, multifaceted projects. For example, when a chemical or refining company needs to conduct major plant maintenance, install new equipment or deploy safety upgrades, it often faces inevitable lost production time, which has a domino effect on the company’s other operations.

To minimize this downtime, CDI partners with the client, far ahead of the planned shutdown, to more efficiently identify specific goals and determine the best way to proceed to minimize disruption and ensure employee safety.

“It’s not just a matter of doing it quickly and efficiently, but doing it in a safe manner,” says Eberhart. “Our professionals augment the client’s engineering capabilities to improve flexibility and reduce costs – saving the client millions, or even tens of millions, of dollars.”

Clients benefit from the wide range of technical skills and scientific discipline that makes up the CDI team. The company’s quality-focused, do-it-right environment has enabled CDI to attract the best talent for itself and its clients. The company’s project managers are skilled in leveraging U.S.-based engineering centers of excellence with offshore and nearshore design centers, enabling them to meet client engineering needs, regardless of geography.

For example, an American drilling and technology company wanted to compete in the Mexican offshore oil platform market. CDI provided engineering design services at the client’s facilities in Texas and Mexico, improving time-to-completion and ensuring project success, while at the same time saving the client millions of dollars.

CDI’s excellence is noted not only by clients, but also by Forbes, Engineering News-Record and InformationWeek. “Our vision is to be an integrated, market-leading engineering and technology services organization, and my personal commitment is making CDI a great place to work,” Eberhart says.  “We are moving forward on both of these fronts. As our clients grow, so do the opportunities for our team.”

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