Cohesive Tax

Money-Saving Tax Strategies for Individuals and Businesses

A man invests thousands of dollars in what he believes to be a legitimate tax shelter. Years later, the IRS socks him with a $2.3 million bill. Cohesive Tax, a Southern California tax consulting firm, negotiates a settlement for a small fraction of the amount owed.

A husband and wife own a small business and pay $120,000 per year in income tax. Cohesive Tax shows them how to revise their corporate structure, leverage existing rental property and hire their own teenage and college-age children, cutting their tax bill by almost half.

Taxes are more complicated than ever. The federal tax code has grown from 400 pages in 1913 to more than 70,000 pages today.

“The biggest mistake people make is not engaging their tax professionals throughout the year,” says Karla Dennis, founder and president of Cohesive Tax. “Many people wait until April, but you can often save money by talking to a tax strategist early. The cost of strategic tax planning pales in comparison to the benefits. Taxpayers save money the year they plan and in the years to follow.”

Named Business of the Year in 2010 by the City of Cypress, California, Cohesive Tax helps individuals and business owners avoid problems and reduce the amount they owe, within the law. More than accountants, the professionals at Cohesive Tax are tax strategists, advising clients on legal tax strategies to substantially lower their tax bill. “Strategy should always be considered when buying or selling a business or home, college education, withdrawing money from an IRA and more,” Dennis says. “When necessary, we collaborate with clients’ other advisors such as financial planners and attorneys.”

Dennis wrote the book Tax Storm, which warns Americans will be swept away in a looming “tax storm” unless they plan accordingly. A Southern California native, she holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and a master’s in taxation. As an enrolled agent (EA), she is licensed in all 50 states and represents clients before the IRS. Having formerly worked with tax attorneys, Dennis launched her firm in 1991 to provide personalized service based as much on education as on crunching numbers.

“We strive to educate our clients so they understand tax laws that are relevant to them,” she says. “I love seeing that look on clients’ faces when they realize there is a less painful way to pay their taxes.”

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