Colucci & Umans

Colucci & Umans—Unsurpassed Excellence and Value in Protecting Intellectual Property

Each and every day, businesses in the United States and abroad face countless decisions.  When these decisions impact a business’s most valuable assets—its brand and other intellectual property—selecting the right IP counsel is critical.

Colucci & Umans is a boutique law firm whose practice is devoted exclusively to guiding businesses through the intricacies of both domestic and international protection of their trademarks, copyrights and patents.  Not taking proper steps early in the process could allow others to exploit a company’s rights for their financial gain. Because of the immense value IP has today, businesses large and small turn to Colucci & Umans for sophisticated, reliable and practical global legal guidance. Colucci & Umans provides large-firm caliber services at boutique rates.

The firm’s attorneys collectively have over 150 years of relevant IP experience. They represent clients in a wide range of fields—fashion, beauty, Internet, telecommunications, electronics, consumer and industrial products, architecture, publishing, import and export, financial services, retailing, art, restaurants, bars and hotels. Another of the firm’s unique specialties is counseling clients on brand development, a broad mandate that encompasses trademarks, graphic designs, logos, packaging, merchandising and advertising copy.

In addition, the firm’s litigation team has trailblazed some of the most significant legal issues of the past three decades involving trademark dilution, trade dress and copyright.

“Above all, we listen to our clients and promptly and responsibly address their objectives.  From start-ups to global expansion by conglomerates, we devise reasonable and cost-effective strategies that protect them wherever they do business,” says Frank Colucci, who began the firm in the early ‘80s.

Located in a brownstone in the heart of midtown Manhattan, the firm offers the added value to its clients of predictable, flat rates for the majority of its services.  “It is time to put an end to hourly billing rates of attorneys, wherever possible, and with our level of experience in all aspects of IP, our clients receive tremendous additional value,” says partner Susan Jacobson.

The firm also conducts seminars to educate its clients’ creative and marketing teams about IP, which, in turn, benefit these businesses by reducing the likelihood of potential claims.

When the very existence of a company depends on its intellectual property rights, the attorneys of Colucci & Umans offer the expertise, flexibility and personal touch necessary to lead a growing business through all the steps necessary to compete effectively in the global economy.


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