Connors & Connors, P.C.

In Personal Injury Defense, Connors & Connors, P.C. Is the Specialist

The nation has always been a contentious place, and in recent years it has also been an increasingly litigious one. New York City, you’ll agree, is not immune. This is why a top personal injury defense law firm in the smartphone’s directory is money in the bank for a business. And the higher the company’s profile, the higher the stakes. So it’s no surprise that leading organizations, including some household names, rely on the Law Firm of Connors & Connors, P.C. for defense against personal injury claims.

According to John P. Connors Jr., whose father founded the firm in 1955, most clients have been clients for a long time. He says he considers new cases coming in from them to be a report card on the work his practice has done on their behalf. “We service our clients well, at a competitive and fair price in the City of New York.” Some of the firm’s work is automobile and trucking liability-based, typically in cases where there are exposures of $1 million or more under the insurance policy. But many cases are premises-related, involving facilities that get high-volume foot traffic and face lawsuits from people who claim injuries on the properties. “We are pretty much the exclusive defense counsel for Lincoln Center,” Connors says.

Lincoln Center officials came to Staten Island-based Connors & Connors via a recommendation. Other large clients that found the firm include Ryder Truck Rental, Target and the CVS pharmacy chain. The practice is special counsel to academic institutions, including Wagner College. Atlantis, the Bahamas resort, has been a client for years – the law firm has been a constant for the vacation spot through several changes in its ownership.

John P. Connors Jr. joined his father in the firm in 1984 and followed him into the leadership role. Today Connors & Connors, P.C. is 10 attorneys strong. Connors loves his work, and he loves giving clients added value. “I like working on the files, I like making sure we scratch way beneath the surface. What can I find that will help me mount a defense, that somebody else either might have missed, or, for whatever reason, didn’t consider?” In contentious, litigious New York City, you want that on your side.


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