Building Financial Foundations

A husband and wife in their 70s, overweighted in high-risk investments, turn to South Carolina-based Cornerstone Wealth and Tax Advisory Group for more age-appropriate financial management. Cornerstone transitions them to safer products, protecting the couple from devastating losses like those that affected so many others in 2008. Retiring from a hospital with a modest nest egg, a woman is concerned about having sufficient income. Cornerstone shows her how to combine Social Security with steady investment income, providing her more money in retirement than she was earning while working.

Building the financial foundation for a successful retirement has never been more complicated. The world economy is in turmoil, and what Congress will do in the future regarding tax rates and spending is anyone’s guess. Cornerstone Wealth and Tax Advisory Group (CSWTA) strives to help pre- and post-retirement clients protect and grow their assets, regardless of economic conditions. With a focus on comprehensive retirement planning, CSWTA takes into consideration asset accumulation, risk management, portfolio management, insurance and more.

“We help our clients plan for unforeseen expenses that might arise,” says Dave Armbruster, president of the firm’s financial division. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, CSWTA is an independent company, not beholden to a third party or tied to a specific product, and is free to make investment recommendations it believes to be in the best interest of its clients. The company represents more than 50 insurance carriers, dozens of mutual funds and other products, including some that are designed to provide a guaranteed fixed income.

“This is a one-stop shop,” says CEO Michael Haskett. “When clients walk in they don’t have to speak to different companies to get the best deal.” “We have already done the research,” adds Managing Partner Jonathan Booher.

As a result of its outstanding service, CSWTA enjoys exceptionally high client retention. Over the next five years the company plans to open additional offices nationwide. Due to this growth it will soon be seeking to hire additional financial professionals who are passionate about helping their clients succeed. The team agrees that one of Cornerstone’s unique qualities is its family-like atmosphere.

“When I started Cornerstone, my goal was to create an environment where family came first,” Haskett says. “My wife, Jen, and my kids, Max and Mary Tom, are the reason behind everything I do, and I wanted a chance for others to have the job that they wanted, without compromising their values or their family time. At Cornerstone, helping our clients is a priority, but we strive to do so in a way that creates a great family atmosphere where we work as a team and feel like family.”


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