DACK Consulting Solutions, Inc.

Diverse Experience Equals Creative Construction Solutions

There’s a lot to be said for finding your niche, especially if your niche defies easy categorization. At DACK Consulting Solutions, that niche is best defined as supporting the construction industry with quality analytical services. These services include estimating, value engineering, owner’s representative, bid management, scheduling, LEED compliance, and M/WBE outreach and compliance. With an extensive client list that ranges from individuals to corporations to government agencies, and an extensive portfolio, DACK has an impressive reach across many aspects of the construction industry.

“The variety of our work has always been important to me,” says CEO Aleksandra Chancy, “and is something I work hard to maintain. It energizes me and allows DACK to bring a special depth of experience to our projects. This is different than companies that specialize in one type of project or service.  At DACK, it’s important to think creatively and out of the box, to bring the experiences of other jobs to the projects at hand.  As a result, we don’t just work for our clients, we become critical partners to their team.”

Chancy is also committed to teaching young professionals and future entrepreneurs. At Columbia University, her course in cost estimating is part of the core curriculum of the Master’s in Construction Administration program. Further, she’s an active instructor and mentor, helping women and minorities in business.  “Teaching is another important part of my business. It’s about staying current, exchanging ideas and principles, and giving people the training they need in today’s marketplace.”

Dedication. Accountability. Competence. Knowledge.

Founded in 1997, much of DACK’s core business is in the New York metropolitan area.  That said, DACK has always welcomed opportunities to work with clients in other parts of the country and even the world. “We’re particularly excited about a $2 billion dollar project in France that will feature towers among the tallest in Central Europe. DACK provided cost estimating, scheduling and ancillary management services throughout the design phase.”
Though construction is still a male-dominated field, Chancy says her woman-owned firm has faced very little resistance in the industry. “Once people began to see what my employees and I are capable of, gender became a non-issue. Instead, they focused on our dedication, accountability, competence and knowledge.”

Those are more than just buzzwords for the seasoned professionals of DACK Consulting. In fact, Chancy is so committed to making those traits the cornerstones of her firm, she named the business after them. The initial letters of each of these four characteristics makes up the firm’s name. “Whether we’re working on the construction of a tunnel or water purification plant, or a hotel or office building, I want clients to rely on DACK for the quality of our services and our dedication to our work.”


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