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Simplified Wealth Management
Eaglehead Group at Morgan Stanley

When it comes to your investment portfolios, simpler is decidedly better, says Chuck Kennedy, CPM®, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor of Eaglehead Group at Morgan Stanley. “‘Getting back to first principles,’ individual stocks and bonds have worked, and should continue to do so in the long run. Complex investment products tend to lack transparency and liquidity, and may incur additional fees.”

Another aspect of simplicity, according to Kennedy and his partner, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor Kathryn Senkbeil, is limiting a portfolio’s holdings to 20-25 stocks. “We believe more concentrated portfolios are most cost- and tax-effective over an extended time period,” Senkbeil says. “The common consensus is that a well-balanced portfolio with approximately 20 stocks may help reduce market risk. We believe over-diversification diminishes the effect of big gainers, and may significantly impact your bottom line.”

Eaglehead Group seeks to invest the equity portion of each client’s portfolio in the same carefully researched 20-25 stocks. Portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis, including Kennedy’s and Senkbeil’s.

Holistic Wealth Management
Eaglehead Group offers a total approach to wealth management, including transparent portfolio management; access to a suite of lending products; and estate and financial planning. “We’re not salespeople,” Kennedy stresses. “We’re financial advisors.”

“Our clients enjoy the best of both worlds,” Senkbeil says, “the personal touch of an intimate, independent practice and the resources of a leading Wall Street firm.” Clients appreciate the group’s responsive, professional service, attention to detail and frequent communication. In turn, the practice enjoys many long-term relationships.

The two partners manage the majority of client assets themselves. While alternative investments are available to clients who desire them, most portfolios comprise a blend of stocks and bonds, with the precise allocations determined by each client’s unique circumstances. “We strive to make sure all of our clients are committed to working with us and comfortable with the investment choices we make on their behalf,” Senkbeil says. “Financial shows and ads create confusion for investors,” states Kennedy. “We have been successful using a discipline based on pricing, not forecasting.”


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