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Learn How to Become an Effective and Impactful Leader

Born or made? The debate has been raging for almost as long as there have been leaders. But there’s no debate in Erica Peitler’s mind.

The CEO of Erica Peitler & Associates  has coached hundreds of senior executives of multibillion-dollar organizations in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industries and currently coaches over 50 executives, including 15 CEOs of small to mid-sized companies ($10 million – $2 billion) across a range of industries.

As a certified leadership performance coach, author and speaker with more than 20 years’ experience in transformational change in large corporate environments, Peitler has helped business owners and executives in a wide range of industries take themselves and their teams to higher levels of performance. Her Morristown, N.J.-based firm provides one-to-one and team leadership coaching based on each organization’s unique performance goals, including behaviors it believes are critical to its cultural dynamics. The firm also provides facilitation services, workshops and speaking engagements.

“What we do is a lot like athletic coaching,” Peitler explains. “Like athletes, our executive clients are constantly looking to reach new levels of performance and improve their techniques and capabilities.”

Not Easy but Well Worth the Pain and Investment
Becoming an effective and impactful leader is not something that happens overnight; it is something you develop and practice, Peitler stresses. A typical leadership engagement, focused on two to three areas of development, can last from six to 12 months, and some clients choose to continue beyond that depending on the scope of the work they want to focus on.

“It’s an experiential process focused on your behaviors that involves high-impact conversations, challenges and engaging exercises to learn about yourself and others on your team while building real relationships based on trust,” Peitler says. “Our clients become fluent in the language of leadership, break down barriers to change, let go of baggage and self-limiting beliefs, and create breakthrough experiences for themselves and their teams. Most important, they also learn how to align the intentions they have in their head with the impact their actions and behaviors have in the work environment.”

All this takes structured discipline and focus. “It will not just happen passively,” Peitler says.

But when it does happen, the rewards can be tremendous – and not just professionally. “People often become better partners at home, and better parents, because they’re learning listening skills, empathy and compassion. Leadership is about communication and relationships, so it has far-reaching effects.”

According to Peitler, selecting the right leadership coach or facilitator is just as important as choosing the right senior executive for a leadership team. “Your coach needs to be a trusted advisor, someone who will ask, say and do whatever is necessary to get you and your team to wherever you want to go.”

In today’s business world, it takes more than technical competence and a high IQ to succeed. “Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which includes knowing and managing yourself as well as communicating and building relationships with others, is just as important for anyone wanting to advance in their organization,” Peitler says. “But it’s not something you can acquire by reading a book or attending a speaker workshop. An experienced coach can be an executive’s catalyst to accelerating success.”


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