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Investment Opportunities Amid Chaos

When it comes to the economy, there may be few people who are more optimistic than David Evola. When it comes to Michigan, he has shown he is loyal.

This respected financial advisor and Detroit native has held lucrative positions with major companies throughout the world. But Evola chose to come back home at a time when many others were fleeing—some voluntarily, others out of necessity—to share his insights with investors and companies that are striving to breathe new life into one of the hardest-hit regions of the country.

“A lot of people in Detroit are brilliant technicians and engineers, but perhaps they’ve never really had someone with global experience like I have,” says Evola, managing director at Evola & Associates. “I have designed financial programs for major companies. When my clients in Detroit have to do business overseas, they like the fact that I am familiar with cross-border treaties and other cultures.”

Evola spends as much time helping executives, entrepreneurs and investors connect with each other as he does managing their portfolios. He has been instrumental in closing millions of dollars’ worth of business on behalf of his clients.

“We often network our clients together,” he says. “For example, if I have a tool and die shop trying to get into a major car company, I might set up a social event just so they can meet.”

Indeed, although Evola is not an investment banker, venture capitalists often seek his guidance in solving problems. Evola hosts a regular meeting he calls the Automotive Roundtable, which affords industry representatives an opportunity to network.

Still, financial management is Evola’s primary service. He takes pride in building customized portfolios with carefully researched investments, with clear transparency. In each case, Evola gets to know the client, often pointing out potential weaknesses in their existing portfolio, or problems in other aspects of their financial life that require attention, and then offering his experienced advice.

As an affiliate of Ameriprise Financial®, Evola & Associates offers the resources of one of the world’s strongest financial institutions. It’s something of which Evola is very proud.

“I love helping people solve problems,” Evola says. “A lot of firms have left investors out to dry. When clients come to see me, they are going to get the excellent service I can offer, whether they have a million dollars or 10 million.”


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