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Executive Alliance Human Capital Management Solutions for Business & Government

When a medical device manufacturer was planning multiple acquisitions, one of the challenges was how to integrate each new company’s unique management style and culture in a way that would enhance productivity and efficiency. The company turned to Executive Alliance (EA), a leading New England-based multidisciplinary management consulting firm, for guidance. “We designed a comprehensive global human capital management strategy that allowed them to integrate their new companies smoothly,” says President and CEO Kevin Mallett. “Within six months, the number of that client’s employees doubled. We set up processes to allow them to continue to grow.”

More than a human resource firm, Executive Alliance addresses all aspects of human capital management (HCM) and payroll systems and processes in a wide range of industry sectors, particularly financial, higher education, healthcare, biotech and technology. They understand the dynamics between culture, policies and practices, people and technology. From risk reduction and operation expense to improving control, reducing compliance exposure and optimizing HCM technologies, EA helps clients in a wide range of industries manage costs, improve efficiencies and, in some cases, weed out fraud.

For example, when a municipality was losing money inexplicably, city leaders called EA to figure out why. After analyzing employment and payroll records, Executive Alliance discovered checks had been issued to nonexistent employees. “We provided a detailed process review that resulted in streamlined operations and fraud identification, providing significant ongoing savings to the city,” Mallett says.

Celebrating 20 years Since 1992, Executive Alliance has served over 300 companies and organizations throughout the United States and internationally. Working together as a team, Mallett and his partners understand the corporate environment, and the pressures and politics that can stifle improvement.

“The majority of consultants approach projects from a technology viewpoint,” Mallett says. “We start with an understanding of the business goals/drivers and gain an understanding of how business processes, policies, practices and people are aligned to achieve those goals. We help companies realign to not only improve meeting business goals but also position them to maximize the use of current or planned technology.”


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